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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 31, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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he still has family members who i'm in touch with and we get along very well. it was a good match all around. >> what a cool lady. you can catch the acclaimed new cnn film about the life of film critic roger ebert, this sunday at 9:00 eastern. top of the hour. thanks for rolling with us. this is cnn's special live coverage of the deadly airasia plane disaster and while search crews may not have found a fuselage yet, they have recovered some bodies. seven of them so far. local reports say a teenage boy and a woman believed to be wearing a flight attendant uniform are among the first of the 162 people pulled out of the java sea. rescue workers and soldiers carrying two simple wooden boxes bearing those bleak numbers, 001 and 002 but remaining bodies may not be as easy to retrieve. the depth of the java sea is
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shallow. no deeper than the great lakes here in the u.s. weather is becoming a huge problem. monsoonal conditions slamming the seas grounding planes and preventing divers from reaching more bodies most of which are believed to be strapped in their seats. the head of airasia downplaying reports that sonar detected the plane. >> the search and rescue team are doing a fantastic job. they are narrowing the search. feeling more comfortable that they are beginning to know where it is but they have no confirmation of them. no sonar. nothing. some visual identification but nothing confirmed. the weather unfortunately is not looking good for the next two or three days. that is slowing us down but they did inform me that the ships are looking to operate 24 hours, which is very encouraging and they are moving all of the assets to the two spots which they think the aircraft could
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be -- where the aircraft could be. >> for more on what search crews and crash investigators are facing out there, cnn's tom foreman is joining us. hey, tom. >> what they are trying to do in these difficult conditions right now is connect the dots. they know where the plane took off of course. they know where the plane wound up. they know where debris has now been found in that red box down there and they are dealing with currents out here. things that make it difficult. how do they connect the dots here and get really evidence in need. they work in three different layers. there's the surface layer. we talk about this debris floating on top of the water. we're not talking about critical keys as to what brought this plane down because that's not the type of thing that will tend to float out here. if you move from the first layer of the search into the middle layer where they start tracing those pieces on the top through the currents as they know them to exist here and then they can reach the third layer at the bottom down here and that's
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where the critical information will likely be found. why is that? that's where the heavy pieces are. you mentioned a minute ago the idea of the main part of the fuselage and whether or not they can find that. that's the kind of thing they're looking for here. they're looking for big portions of this plane out here. things like big parts of the wings and the tail and critical systems and electrical system and the engines which each way about 9,000 pounds. the flight data recorder and the voice recorder all sorts of things out there because if they can pull all of this together they can get a complete picture of the plane and that's what they need right now to complete that connecting of the dots from when it took off to when something went wrong to when it wound up in the water. >> tom foreman, thank you. and the families those poor families still waiting anxiously as the searchers slowly recover some of the bodies of their loved ones killed in the airasia crash. these coffins containing two of those bodies were just air
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lifted today to surabaya airport in indonesia, the city where the flight originated and where the bodies became the first to be identified. andrew i want to start with the arrival of those two coffins that we just showed. set the scene for us there. >> reporter: a very somber moment with those two coffins marked 001 and 002 arriving on a military transport and they were taken off by pallbearers from the plane and there was a very somber gathering of dozens of military there and they were loaded into hearse szs taken down to the disaster identification area for the victims and that's where they are. they currently as we understand it are still being identified. we haven't had confirmation of names yet. terribly sad scene. as you can imagine. and for families who would have
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been seeing those pictures as well knowing that more than likely it's very very unlikely any survivors obviously in the next few days their own kin will make that very sad journey to their final resting place. what's been happening here over the last few hours at the airport, this has been the crisis center. they have now moved the family away from the airport and dismantling the crisis center here and moving it to an area very close to the hospital where the identification will take place just so the families can be closer to where they need to be. they are still getting a lot of support obviously from authorities and from airasia as well but nothing come close to replacing the enormous loss that they have suffered. >> andrew any word on the kind of support some of these loved ones will receive longer term? >> reporter: the support will be
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available for them and if they feel in need of it they'll take it. there will be counseling available. any sort of public medical facilities will be available to them too of course and there will be compensation at some stage. that hasn't actually been raised at all so far. it is going to be a long process. the families and relatives have to come to terms with their own grief and start that healing process. it was a terrible realization that the plane had indeed crashed and it remains that lingering pain that relatives are still out there in perhaps 40 meters of water in that main fuselage. they know that we still are unsure as to where exactly that main fuselage is. that adds to the sort of mental stresses and strains and it will obviously take its toll. i'm sure it will be a long process for many of them to recover. they'll never fully recover from
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this but will learn to live with it and they will have profession support to help them. it will become very much down to the individual and how they move on from here. >> it's a process. thank you. our hearts and thoughts are with those families. one major obstacle that has slowed down the search for the victims and wreckage is the bad weather. it's early in the morning in that part of the world and daylight is expected to bring another round of 10 to 20-foot waves. high winds and heavy rains forced helicopters to abandon their search before nightfall. david is joining me now, author of a new book. okay, david. in terms of expectations we talked about bad weather out there. how much can searchers get done at this point? >> not a lot. they haven't given us as much detail as they did with mh-370
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but i hope they have placed buoys out there to manage the drift when they pick up bodies they can hang that drift and pick up signals from the buoys later. >> there was hope that sonar picked up the plane but now we heard there are in fact two places they are now looking. what does that tell you? >> what it indicates to me is if it is the aircraft that the aircraft broke into two places we don't have details as to how far apart they are which would tell us whether or not it broke in the air or broke once it hit the water. last night when they were making these reports saying we found the airplane said that area has a lot of aircraft and ships that have sunk over the years. there's a lot of debris of that type in that area. he said let's be cautious about it because it can fool you. obviously he's been through that before and he knows how
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difficult it can be. >> you have to kind of sort through what's what even. >> you really do. and even once you see it with sonar, you have a basic shape and it's better than it used to be in years past but now it still has to be identified and physically verified and that's why tony fernandez is being so careful in saying it's not been verified and that's the way he works. he's a black or white man. this is what it is and this is what it's not and this is not what it is. >> it would be horrible to get all of those family's hopes up thinking problem solved to some degree. in terms of the loved ones and what they're experiencing as these bodies are recovered, what's next in the process? what happens now? >> well the difficult part lays ahead for them. once their bodies of the loved ones have been returned to land they'll be asked to identify them. now, in my time we didn't have dna testing. we weren't able to do dna testing so it was a matter of actually having them identify at the coroner's office who they were visually.
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in this i'm hoping that that part of the investigation no longer exists. i hope they can get positive dna evidence and avoid that because that's the most traumatic thing and they do not get over it. i'm still in contact with people from 25 years ago who still are struggling with the loss of a loved one. >> it's hard for us to even talk about it. i can't even imagine what it's like to be in their shoes right now. david, stick around with us. i know based on the clues, you say there is probably a simple theory of what may have happened onboard. i want to talk more about that. plus they are the fortunate ones who missed the airasia flight from missed e-mails to hepatitis, here why 15 different people did not get on the plane. and in times square tonight, police are gearing up for a possible protest. we'll take you there live.
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siskel. some debris of flight 8501 has been found, a debris field really has not. in fact here are some of the few places from the a-320 aircraft that have been located so far. a few of the objects pulled out. a blue cabin luggage, an oxygen
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tank according to local reports and an emergency evacuation slide. cnn safety analyst david soucie is back with me now. you have a theory based on some of this debris. i want to ask you about the small number of people, the victims, who have been recovered. what do you make of that? >> to me what that indicates is that the people that were in the aircraft when this happened whatever it was, are still in the aircraft. the bodies especially by this time have started making gases and i hate to be so gross about that but nonetheless it's part of the investigation tools we use and the bodies that were free to rise to the surface would have done that by now. >> it helps us to understand why we're seeing what we're seeing and why we're not seeing other things. >> i've been debating this. what do we say and not say and i decided after talking about
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mh-370 before i wrote that book we need to know and you're the guy that knows and tell us what you know. >> knowledge is power to give them confidence maybe. from what has been found so far, we mentioned objects, luggage, evacuation slide, what do you think happened to flight 8501? >> can we leave that up there for a minute? there are key pieces here. i use a tool from the 1300s and it's saying that when you have a clue you don't throw assumptions at it you take it at its own value and then make the simplest explanation for it. we have three things. an emergency door. the door can only be taken out and thrown out. it can't come apart unless the aircraft comes apart as well. >> which hasn't been confirmed. that's what we believe we're seeing. >> we would see a debris field if it had. secondly we had the slide which comes out. the emergency evacuation slide. it comes out and it becomes a
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raft. it is detachable. it does come off the side of the wing. people get out the wing and it slides off the back of the wing. that's number two clue. number three clue -- >> that's one of the objects that have been recovered. >> that's correct. and then the other clue that we have is the oxygen tank. it's not really an oxygen tank. it's compressed air tank and it mounts in the aircraft just forward of the cargo door and there are two tanks there. there's one on the left and one on the right for inflating that tank that comes out. so to me it's very conclusive that something happened right there. i doubt that it was in-flight structural failure that caused that window to come out because if it was, we would have pieces of aircraft. to me what appears happened is the aircraft was in somehow intact on top of the water and attempts to get out of the
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aircraft once it was in the water. >> maybe a ditching attempt. >> the other clue is the distance from where it had the last point of contact. at first they told us it was six miles. judged by that it would be a flat spin. it would be a spiral straight down uncontrollably now we find out it's 100 miles, 120 miles from where it was spotted. if you take 17-1 glide ratio which that aircraft has without engine power, it would put it exactly there and now you put those together with no assumptions, we put the clues together and that's where i'm at right now. it doesn't mean that's what happened. as clues are added -- >> it's what could have happened. >> it's even more than that. it's more of a hypothesis. every clue we add we compare against other clues to see if it takes away from the clue or adds to the validity of the clue. >> remember when we talked about the possible theory of the plane
12:18 pm
stalling does what we have here go with that theory? >> there are five different types of stalls that we could talk about and that's just flight stalls let alone engine stalls and other things along those lines. before we were talking about a deep stall and a power on stall meaning that the power of that airplane is going and you pull up and pull up and pull up until the air is messed up and won't hold the aircraft in the air. there is a stall where it catches itself and does this stepping part. that's what i think we have now. before i thought it was a deep stall. now it indicates it may have had a glide. >> thank you for putting the pictures together. check out for more. we'll take you live to times square where police are gearing
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up for possible protests tonight on the city's biggest night and our special look back at the top ten moments of 2014 coming up in just minutes.
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happy new year's eve. a time for champagne, resolutions and this year possible protests in new york los angeles, boston cleveland, possibly other cities. counterterrorism agents and bomb sniffing dogs may be circling some of the celebrations and also keeping a close eye on any of the protesters demonstrating about police tactics. now, security is being tightened in new york where more than a million people are expected to party in times square as they bid farewell to year 2014 and welcome in 2015. our rosa flores is joining me in times square. tell us what you have learned about all of the beefed up
12:23 pm
security measures this year. >> reporter: the nypd telling cnn that they will have extra eyes and ears on the ground here at times square and they're going to be monitoring social media very closely. why? because there's been an increase in the number of threats against nypd all of this following the brutal ambush and killing of two of their own. the biggest takeaway is take a look around. you can see there's a lot of revelers and we are told that these revelers are not going to see a difference in the experience of new year. they'll experience what a new year's eve is in new york. >> what are police doing in terms of ensuring that all of those revelers we see there packed into that very tight area making sure they are all safe? >> reporter: they have eyes and ears like i told you on the ground. they also have that over the air
12:24 pm
as well. and so there is heavy presence of the nypd. again, they are hoping that doesn't hamper what revelers are going to experience here. what are they doing? let me just introduce you to some of these folks. where are you from? >> oregon. >> arizona. >> houston, texas. >> italy. >> reporter: we head people from china and germy yanygermany. this is what new year's eve in new york is all about. you buy your glasses and hats. this is what i was talking about. happy new year. you are from where? >> tampa, florida. >> reporter: i was talking to them earlier. let's just say the temperature has dropped a little bit for them. take a look at this. they're prepared. very smart people. for the biggest question of the evening, did you plan do you have a plan for the bathroom?
12:25 pm
>> no unfortunately. >> we have to wrap it at that. i can't believe those guys are out there in these temperatures and so early. long time until midnight. thank you. just a quick reminder if you are at home counting down the new year, don't forget anderson cooper and kathy griffin live tonight in times square. up next our special cnn coverage of a look back at the past year. we countdown the top ten moments in every category from international stories, entertainment, politics to even the top trending moments. don't miss this next.
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hi there. welcome to cnn's top ten of 2014. we're looking back at the many stories that captured the world's attention this year. quick. do you remember who won the world cup? the tournament was one of the biggest, most gripping news stories of 2014. definitely for that month. so much happened around the world it was nearly impossible to whittle down the top ten news stories that played out on the international stage but we did it so let's count them down and, yes, we'll remind you who won that world cup match. up first, here's anderson cooper. >> number ten, pro-democracy protests in hong kong. demonstrators occupied the downtown financial district for what became known as the umbrella revolution. late september, police fired tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the crowd prompting thousands more to take to the
12:30 pm
streets. after more than two months police clear away the protest sites and demonstrators vowing we will be back. number nine world cup fever. the eyes of the world on the games in brazil. host country crashes out in the semifinals. in the final, germany meets argentina 1-0 in a dramatic overtime win. number eight, freedom for two american citizens held in north korea. kenneth bay and matthew todd miller. bay had been held for ten years. >> thank you all for supporting me and standing by me through this time. >> freedom for bae and miller came less than a month after the release of american jeffrey for you fowl. and kim jong-un disappeared for more than a month. may have had ankle surgery and
12:31 pm
tragedy and heartbreak in south korea. a ferry capsizes off the coast killing more than 300 people. 250 of them high school students on a field trip. adding to the family's anguish, images of the captain abandoning ship now serving a 36-year prison sentence and a mass kidnapping that started a movement. more than 200 nigerian girls snatched from their border school by boko haram. the twitter hashtag bring back our girls backs an international rallying cry. but months go by and in november the leader of boko haram says the girls converted to islam and have been married off. number five middle east tensions erupt. hopes for peace fade. three israeli teens are kidnapped and killed. a palestinian boy is kidnapped and killed possibly in retaliation. in july israel launches
12:32 pm
operation protective edge in response to hamas rocket attacks. after weeks of clashes and deaths of more than 2,100 palestinians and 70 israelis a cease-fire. but the bloodshed didn't end there. on november 18 two palestinians with butcher knives and a gun attack a synagogue killing four rabbis and a police officer. number four, cold are a animosityies heat up. vladimir putin stuns the west by annexing crimea and moscow is accused of sending troops and equipment to help pro-russian separatists and tragedy in the sky. 298 people onboard the plane killed. the west and ukrainian government blame pro-russian fighters. number three, ebola ravages west africa. cdc announces the first cases in late march in guinea sierra leone and liberia. by july officials call it the
12:33 pm
deadliest ebola outbreak in history. world health organization says more than 6,000 people have died. liberian national thomas eric duncan became the first person diagnosed with ebola in the united states. ten cases have been treated with two deaths including duncan. number two, without a trace. disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370. the plane with 239 people onboard was heading to beijing when it vanished. planes and ships scoured the initial search area but there's no sign of the missing plane. then new satellite data takes the search in a different direction. >> according to this new data mh-370 ended in a sudden indian ocean. >> pings believed to be from the plane's black box raise hopes but don't pan out. under water searches come up
12:34 pm
empty and the effort to solve commercial aviation's biggest mystery goes on. in late december another air tragedy in the skies over southeast asia. >> breaking news. an airasia flight from the indonesia city of surabaya is reported missing. >> airasia flight 8501 vanishes from radar over the stormy java sea during a flight from indonesia to singapore. >> airasia confirming that debris found overnight off the coast is indeed the wreckage of 8501. >> our number one international story of 2014 the rise of isis. it started as an al qaeda splinter group emerges as a major threat. isis launches a brutal campaign to create an islamic state across iraq and syria. militants take control of key iraqi cities. in august u.s. fighter jets start bombing isis positions in iraq part of targeted air strikes authorized by president obama. >> we intend to stay vigilant
12:35 pm
and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in iraq. >> the strikes also aimed at protecting minority groups like the refugees left stranded and starving on a mountain top. all the while, the extent of the barbarism by isis becomes more apparent. the group posts a youtube video showing beheading of james foley and another video shows the decapitation of steven sotloff. and then british aid workers david haynes and alan henning. america's top general has not ruled out the return of u.s. ground troops to iraq three years after the last troops pulled out. anderson cooper cnn, new york. >> here's a late add to the list of monumental new year's story. cuba. perhaps some day soon they may
12:36 pm
end that long embargo. not everyone thinks this is a good thing with debate and thaw thawing, will be one of the biggest stories we hear about in 2015. a few simple words can inspire a movement, give voice to millions and bring about lasting change. the top trending hashtags of 2014.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. social media's role in breaking newses is undeniable but sometimes it's the hashtag itself that starts a movement whether serious or hilarious, here are the top ten trending hashtags of 2014. >> hashtag alex from target. >> alex from target was trending for days. no one could figure out why including alex. >> my manager came up to me and she showed me the actual picture. >> a text startup firm tried to claim responsibility for how this picture went viral. no word on whether or not this firm deserves the credit. >> remember that news conference where president obama was serious and he was talking about russia and isis but really all anyone on twitter could talk about was his tan suit? thank goodness the president
12:41 pm
didn't wear white after labor day. number eight, do you remember back in may 22-year-old elliott roger went on this killing spree near the university of california santa barbara claiming cruelty of women. women responded on twitter saying not all men turn romantic rejection into murder. all women experience discrimination and harassment. number seven, pro-democracy protesters occupied hong kong's financial district for nearly 2 1/2 months. their hopes? to freely choose their leader in 2017. the cause known as the umbrella revolution because all of these demonstrators use umbrellas to try to protect themselves from the tear gas and pepper spray from police. number six, video of the
12:42 pm
incident in the elevator. >> and world cup generating 3 million facebook interactions and during that final match, audience members tweeted more than 618,000 times per minute. number four when boko haram militants kidnapped more than 200 teenage girls from that nigerian border school, many blamed the government for not doing enough to find them. their cries spread across the world. who would have guessed dumping buckets of ice water on people's heads would have raised more than $100 million over the summer for als research. number two, a white cop shooting and killing an unarmed black teen was a local story in ferguson missouri until social media elevated it to a national
12:43 pm
stage. hashtags like i am mike brown and if they gun me down trended around that grand jury hearing regarding officer darren wilson prompting nationwide protests after no charges were filed and number one, after that ferguson decision, another grand jury decided not to indict nypd officer daniel pantaleo in the wake of garner's death. it inspired the hashtag, black lives matter. a recent incident pushed it more after two police officers were assassinated in new york city. and the hashtag all lives matter.
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politics grabbed big headlines this year. the president's foreign policy under fire. congressional dysfunction at its worst and a crushing defeat in the midterm election that could mean more of the same for 2015. here's jake tapper with our top ten political stories of the
12:47 pm
year. >> number ten, 2014 offered a preview of what the 2016 presidential campaign might look and sound like as hillary clinton hit the road to promote her latest book. the media blitz and book tour looked a lot like a presidential candidate gearing up. number nine republican incumbents kept feeling the heat from the tea party which showed it isn't going anywhere. >> conservative resurgence for this country starts in mississippi. >> a tea party campaign by chris mcdaniel almost cost thad cochran his seat. republican cochran courted black democrats in the magnolia state to bail him out in the runoff. >> this is your victory. >> cochran survived but others were not so lucky. the number two republican in the house did not even make it to election day. house majority leader eric cantor lost his primary to this guy, economics professor david
12:48 pm
brat in what may be the political upset of the decade. >> obviously we came up short. >> number eight, the u.s. does not negotiate with terrorists but we will do a prisoner swap. sergeant bowe bergdahl the only u.s. prisoner of war in afghanistan or iraq was brought home after the u.s. traded five taliban fighters from guantanamo bay for his release. celebration had one huge footnote. not everyone was thrilled with the exchange rate. >> for the president to decide that these five hardest of the hardcore in return for sergeant bergdahl at this stage was just wrong. >> not to mention the administration broke the law by not giving congress 30 days notice. number seven, a fence jumper who sprinted across the white house lawn and let himself into the front door exposed major security breaches with the secret service. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get close to his family. >> i take full responsibility.
12:49 pm
>> those security gaps led the first female director of the secret service to step down. number six, accusations that u.s. veterans died while waiting for treatment at veterans administration hospitals was a national embarrassment. a month-long cnn investigation showed altered death certificates and secret waiting lists. >> i want to know the full scope of this problem. >> secretary of veteran affairs was sacked from his cabinet post after the scandal broke and repairs to the broken system still seem to be a long way off. number five president obama's foreign policy under attack. an off the cuff phrase uttered by the president don't do stupid stuff was criticized by none other former secretary of state hillary clinton as inadequate defining principle. the israel/gaza war, civil war in syria, russian invasion of ukraine, the prisoner swap for
12:50 pm
alan gross in cuba it was criticized. number four 2014 marked another year of congressional gridlock on immigration reform. there was no greater example of the broken system than the thousands of unaccompanied children from central america flooding across the texas border. president obama opted after the mid terms to go it alone using executive action in an attempt to reform the system. critics callushering in a post-racial era of healing got squashed. after white police officers in missouri and new york killed unarmed black men, protesters around the country took to the streets. following the grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson for killing michael brown in ferguson president obama delivered a speech urging calm. >> so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. >> and the split screen on your television showed the depth of
12:51 pm
the disconnect. a city burned and the president's pleas going up in smoke. >> number two, the u.s. went back into iraq. this time to fight isis. just a few months after president obama dismissed the terrorist squad as a jv squad, isis took huge swaths of land across the lawless iraq and syria board. the president finally changed his tune and ordered targeted attacks in iraq and syria against the terrorist group. >> and the number one top political story of the year on election night it was a red wave as republicans won control of the u.s. house and the senate we crossed the finish line. we took the hill. >> the politics of 2015 might just look a lot like a giant stack of promises made in the race for the white house in 2016 and we'll have to wait and see if a lame duck president can work it out with a deadlocked congress. i'm jake tapper. coming up the song all of
12:52 pm
us especially you parents would love to forget. plus look at the legends we've lost this year. the top entertainment stories of 2014 right after this.
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♪ ♪ in 2014 a massive shake-up of the late-night television landscape. you have leno out. craig ferguson out, letterman out, colbert, in and we couldn't go anywhere without hearing the song "let it go," i won't sing it for you, stand by for that but we're talking about the top entertainment stories of 2014 and the losses of some greats who left us far too soon. so with that here is cnn contributor ask "entertainment tonight" correspondent michelle turner. >> frozen fever. this movie has won two academy awards made over a billion yes, that's a billion with a "b," a billion dollars worldwide. and that song again, what was it? ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> because of that song the frozen soundtrack has also become the best-selling album of the year.
12:56 pm
>> today, the sad news that comedienne joan rivers has passed away at the age of 81. >> the comedy world and all of us who loved to laugh mourned the passing of an icon when joan rivers passed away at 81 years old and died of complications while undergoing a minor surgery. all of hollywood came out and mourned her. good-bye, joan. >> so what do we want to call her? t swizzle, t. swift. taylor swift. cha ching. ♪ >> she became the first female artist to sell more than 3 million copes in one week. taylor pulled her music from the streaming service and pulled well they need her, more than she needs them. >> we are now hearing from bill cosby's attorney denying all allegations. >> we're talking about bill cosby and his fall from grace in 2014. more than 20 women have now come forward and said bill cosby
12:57 pm
sexually assaulted them. nbc has now canceled his upcoming project and netflix has postponed his comedy special. celebrities and selfies seem to go hand in hand these days but what happens when those personal photos become public toeder? a number of pictures of a-list celebrities were hacked into and released to the public. pictures of people like jennifer lawrence and kate upton. j. law didn't take this one lying down. no. she called it a sexual violation and a crime. it was super bowl sunday but the news that overshadowed the game was the death of philip seymour hoffman. yes, the oscar-winning actor died in february after an accidental overdose. celebrities took to social media to pay their condolences. everyone seemed to say he was a good man who made great movies. ♪ ♪ >> i think we're all still talking about what happens in an elevator doesn't stay in an
12:58 pm
elevator. yeah the fight, solange, jay-z in the elevator at the met gala and beyonce standing to the side and everyone then said what's going on with this marriage? are they breaking up? are they getting a divorce in beyonce and jay-z gave us an answer at the mtv video music awards. he got a big kiss from his wife who said to all of us mind your business. ♪ >> jay leno said farewell david letterman announced he was leaving, too. now we're seeing a new breed of late-night tv hosts. stephen colbert is taking over. and jimmy fallon didn't miss a beat. yes, i'm talking about weddings. kim kardashian and kanye west they got married to much fanfare in italy. we see kim kardashian post every single moment of her life on instagram. well that kiss it became the most-liked picture on instagram this year.
12:59 pm
then there was brangelina. they surprised it all. how did they keep that secret? well because they're private, that's how. and then of course there is hollywood royalty of all royalty. george clooney, how did amal alamuddin get him to walk down the aisle, i need to talk to that lady because whatever secret she's got, i want. >> robin williams a fresh tour millions has died. >> there's not a lot that shocks us in hollywood, but this one stunned us all. i'm talking about the passing of robin williams. he was 63 and williams was sober, but now we know he was struggleing with severe depression and early stages of parkinson's disease. robin williams was loved and beloved in hollywood. he was a husband, he was a father and to all of us he was kind of our favorite guy. his legacy will live on and he will never be forgotten. thank you so much for watching the top ten of 2014. i'm brooke baldwin. to see all of our stories, visit
1:00 pm in review i will see you in the new year. -- captions by vitac -- happy new year to everyone making vodka toasts in moscow. the clock just struck 12:00 a.m. here's mud in your eye, vladimir. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead the hunt continues and in an odd way the only thing worse than not finding anything is finding something. seven bodies for instance. passengers from airasia flight 8501 reclaimed as families on the shore wait for authorities to help figure out who these particular victims are. plus sonar sweeps pick up something that may be just may be the jet's main cabin, but with powerful storms and